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Wheel of Well-being for Everyone (wowe, pronounced “wow”) is a well-being ecosystem aimed at encouraging users to build sustainable habits to thrive. We focus on well-being from a "whole-person" perspective.


wowe can help you

Healthy habits Build

Healthy Habits

Implement positive habits and build rewarding well-being rituals.
Integrated introspection Learn

Integrated Introspection

Learn about yourself, what makes you tick, and what helps you feel most fulfilled in life.
Growing goals Broaden

Growing Goals

Adapt and evolve your well-being across multiple dimensions.
Emotional Transcendence Relationship Environment Physical Passion

Your relationship with yourself

Your values and your belief system

You and the people in your life

Everything about where you live

You and your body

Your sense of purpose

Practice mindfulness Unplug and take a
                                                    break Luxuriate in a hot bath
                                                    shower Write down 10 things
                                                    are grateful for Dark chocolate lovers Take 10 deep breaths Do a kind gesture for a
                                                    neighbor Nature excursion Try out a new local
                                                    business Stargaze tonight Be your own good
                                                    guest Give your garden some
                                                    love Learn something new Pick up your favorite
                                                    instrument Create a vision board Write down all your
                                                    goals Take a mid-morning
                                                    break Write down three things
                                                    are Challenge yourself to a
                                                    fitness class Practice yoga Get that massage you
                                                    you want Create your own
                                                    plan Give your back a
                                                    break Eat some leafy green
                                                    goodness Give some
                                                    appreciation Make plans with a
                                                    friend Have a game night Give someone a hug Ask for help when you
                                                    it Offer to help someone Volunteering Journal about your top
                                                    values Seated or walking
                                                    meditation in nature Watch the sunset Meditate on all the
                                                    blessings in your life Do something kind for a
Well-being is

Well-being is multidimensional

We believe that good psychological health is about thriving and living a meaningful and flourishing life.

Your personalized journey
                                                towards excellence begins now.

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                                            your tomorrows? Your Journey Practice Yoga Breathing Exercise Welcome Edit Circle

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wowe is a well-being platform designed to help people build long-term, healthy habits in six essential aspects that support living a fulfilled and flourishing life. wowe is unique in its focus - instead of focusing on one aspect (for example, a fitness app that logs your workouts), wowe gives you access to activities in six different dimensions to build well-being across many different facets of living.

Excellent Question! Here are the dimensions in a nutshell:
1. Physical: Everything relating to your body! This includes habits related to nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc. This dimension encompasses your energy level, physical health and wellness.
2. Emotional: Your relationship with yourself and your internal resources. This can be your emotions, and also your self-esteem, self-acceptance, resiliency and temperament. The non-physical side of what makes you YOU!
3. Relationships: You and how you relate to the other people in your life. This can be everyone from intimate (romantic partner, child, parent, BFF) to general (acquaintances, strangers in the street, etc).
4. Environment: You in your surroundings — your home, your community, your neighborhood and also your "happy place", where you go to get refreshed.
5. Passion: What most gives your life purpose and meaning- what makes you feel jazzed and alive, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning (besides that cup of coffee, that is). It can be anything from your work, your hobbies, your creative pursuits and your goals.
6. Transcendence: Everything that you believe in beyond the self. Your values and beliefs. Some will equate it with their spirituality or religion, others with simply their values and ethics. It also includes how you contribute to the well-being of others and work to make the world a better place.

You know those forms you need to fill out when you go to a new doctor? The ones with a thousand questions about you and your extended family members that help the doctor get to know you better (and help you get eyestrain from the tiny print)? Well, don’t worry about that when you first sign into wowe! We have a shorter, fancy, way more fun questionnaire to find out what your interests are and what healthy habits you already practice.
Positive psychology is all about building on your existing strengths, and wowe loves this for you. Using this information, and mind-body science, wowe recommends a variety of activities across the different aspects of well being. These activities are tailored to YOU and your interests. Every time you complete an activity, wowe’s snazzy technology can then suggest more activities you may like to explore. You get kudos for the steps you are taking and you are more motivated each day to keep going with all the interesting activities to try, the positive feedback you get as you see what you are achieving (we all need warm fuzzies) and before you know it, BAM, you are forming healthy positive habits that contribute to your well-being.

Healthy habit formation is different for everyone and for every habit! You may discover that some healthy habits are very easy to form and integrate themselves easily into your life while others take a bit of time (and cycle in and out of habit until they establish). The more you use your wowe app and record your habits, the more you can start to monitor your own progress in different aspects of well being, and watch your habits start to form.

Wellness focuses primarily on physical health, while well-being encompasses numerous aspects (physical health included) that contribute to leading a happy, fulfilling life. Focusing on wellness is like saying you have added seasoning to a dish but all you added was salt. wowe’s multidimensional approach includes an individual's mental, social, environment, intellectual, physical and spiritual health. Yummy.

There are several awesome options on wowe for you to choose from for more in-depth learning about positive psychology and well-being. wowe hosts exclusive webinars for wowzers (that's wowe users like you!) that you can participate in. There is also a wide variety of coaching content in the form of written editorials and videos that can give you a quick boost in 3 min or less and a nudge along the path you are seeking to follow. Keep an eye on our website or social media platforms for registration opportunities for the webinars!

No, equipment is not required for wowe. There are many activities that can be done without any special equipment or gear. However, there are some activities that suggest using household items, such as cooking a comfort-food meal (requires access to a kitchen) or flow-writing (requires a journal or paper and pen).

Easy-peasy- you can find us by searching for “wowe” in the app store if you have an iOS device or the playstore for an Android device and download the app.

Once you download the app, open it and we will walk you through creating an account- including a fun questionnaire on your interests and well-being habits. The whole process can be done in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. Which you can do while you get your wowe journey started!

The trial version is the real deal, and works just like the full version, but with a time-limit of 30 days. Once the trial period is over, and you see just how awesome using wowe can be, you’ll have the opportunity to subscribe by selecting the monthly or yearly subscription option. If wowe was not wowing you in those 30 days, no worries, you don’t need to do anything further- but you won’t be able to continue using the app without subscribing.

wowe is available free in the app store or the playstore for the first thirty days. If you are wowed by wowe, and want to keep using it after your trial, it can be purchased at monthly and annual durations.You choose the plan that suits your needs. No hidden costs.

Your data privacy is very important to us. Any data that you share with us is used only to personalize your experience by curating activity recommendations inline with your interests, location and demographics. The only data that is shared is your wowe score (a calculated score that gives you credit for all of the hard work you are putting into your well-being!) and only with explicit consent obtained by you. We do not sell your data to anyone. Read more about our privacy policy at https://wowe.app/privacy-policy

We would love to hear from you! You can contact us by sending an email to hello@wowe.app

Just like your innocence when you find out Santa is your parents, account deletions are permanent and cannot be reversed. When an account is deleted, the complete session history and all saved sessions are deleted. If you are no longer interested in using wowe and want it gone, here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Open the wowe app and tap the Profile button on the bottom right of the screen
2. Tap “Delete Account” and follow the prompts to complete the delete process

Refunds cannot be issued by wowe after an account has been deleted and deleting an account does not automatically generate a refund. You must cancel an auto-renewing subscription before deleting your wowe account.
Please remember, deleting your account will not resolve log-in or other technical issues. Please contact us if you are having trouble with your wowe app. We are here to help!

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